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Welcome to Thailand most reliable Kite Surfing spot huahin.

Kite Zone Phuket is now based in CHALONG BAY at Friendship beach for the entire year, the wind in phuket can be accessed in many different spots at different times of the year, rest assured we will find it if its there!

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We have an amazing kite spot based on friendship beach in Chalong bay for Kitesurfing lessons, kiteboarding trips and downwinders. We have a huge equipment shop just finished and over 1 acre of grassy land that leads directly onto the beach with parking facilities and restaurant with bar. We offer top certified kiteboarding lessons in Phuket along with Kite Rentals, Kite sales and also equipment storage.


We are the only accessible area to launch and land your kite on friendship beach at high tide and we will be running day trips to the surrounding islands for lessons and general kite surfing on the high tide and high wind days, imagine scooting across the clear blue waters of the Andaman Sea between golden paradise Islands then chilling on the beach for BBQ’s and beers after a long days session.

Chalong bay is Phuket’s true Kitesurfing spot and the weather is AWESOME! Come along and join us at KITE ZONE PHUKET for an unforgettable kitesurfing experience.

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